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Not sure about the right size? Want to make sure an item is a good fit for your packaging needs?

This is exactly what you're looking for! Our comprehensive sample pack includes all of our popular packaging solutions, catalog and custom packaging solution examples.

Whether you're looking for mylar bags, pre roll boxes, pop top tubes / containers or concentrate containers; this sample pack will provide you with everything you need. This is also a great solution if you're exploring new packaging options or just starting out. See the quality of our custom labels, custom printed mylar bags and premium containers. Elevate your branding and packaging today!

**NOTE** - Please be sure to include, in the order notes, if you have specific products of interest. We will ensure they are included with your samples, if specified.  Colors in this photo may not represent what you will receive. Please note if you have any specific requirements for color, size or specific products. 

FREE SHIPPING on all sample packs in the United States! 

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