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You have probably noticed a lot of our products show Bio iQ in the title here at Dragon Chewer. This was a big push for our company in 2022. Due to the complex regulations on compliant packaging, it is often hard to find a more sustainable or eco-friendly way forward that ensures child safety. 

Bio iQ is the best path forward. It allows us to use our popular rigid plastic containers but add a simple solution to help reduce plastic waste. Bio iQ is an additive that is blended into our material formulation that accelerates biodegradation of the underlying plastic. This improvement is extremely beneficial because it structurally does not change the part in form or function. It just ensures if it is not properly disposed of, that it will degrade at a quicker rate.  Bio iQ has no negative impact on the structural integrity of the part.

All the products we distribute using this material additive feel and work the exact same as the pure plastic alternative. The parts will feel exactly the same as always. They are still the premium compliant packaging solutions you have always received from us. However, now you're able to unlock a new enhanced biodegradation that is far superior for a better future. 

Please click this link <click here> to view the HIGHLOCK information page about this material. 

We evaluated a lot of options before we introduced this new line. Ocean plastic was our first phase. Ocean plastic is great for recycling already used plastic, but it does not help with the waste left by humans. Our biggest concern is consumers not properly disposing or recycling of our packaging. In a perfect world everyone would recycle plastic containers properly and use this alternative material over and over. Plastic as a material is quite amazing. It is rigid, moldable and can be recycled to be used over and over for tons of different products. However, this is sadly the world we do not live in right now. 

We have also focused on adding a hemp additive. This reduces the amount of plastic we need to use and helps with decomposing at a quicker rate. Adding this filler has greatly reduced the plastic we need to use in creating multiple products we carry.  

Every single day thousands of pounds of plastic are left around the world in oceans, forests, and deserts. Normal plastic containers take thousands of years to break down. This is the fight we are fighting by using Bio iQ. We want to ensure if our container is not properly disposed of, that it will break down at an accelerated rate and let the earth heal.  

The biggest factor that made us dismiss all other options and use Bio iQ was the micro plastic aspect. A lot of additives will break the plastic product down quickly but leave micro plastics behind that are consumed by animals and sea life. Bio iQ specifically notes that is not the case with this additive. It breaks down the plastic in a uniform way, which is exactly what we need. 

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