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Finding the best wholesale child resistant or CR custom Pop Top containers can be very difficult. Pop Tops are the most common premium packaging solution for products that require CR regulation/compliance for child safety. They utilize a very simple mechanism and are often the cheapest rigid plastic solution for this use case.

However, the devil is in the details when it comes to compliant Pop Top containers or bottles. First, lets go over what makes for the best premium packaging to store flower or food.

  1. CPSC Certified - This is often overlooked by many brands or companies purchasing Pop Top containers or vials. As regulation becomes more rigid in each state, this will become a requirement for all packaging. The majority or medical or recreational states already have this requirement, but operators often do not think about this when they first get started. This can cause severe fines and even losing a license if you're not up to date on packaging regulation. CPSC certified is a standard or test that each container or packaging has to pass. This test ensures the package is child resistant (often confused with child proof) and easily accessible for the elderly. You can learn more by clicking here. This test is not cheap. A lot of imported poor quality Pop Top containers are not certified. Sadly, we often see items advertised as certified, but with no proof backing it up. It is important you're purchasing your Pop Top containers from a distributor that has the proper certifications for this compliant packaging option.

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  1. Customizable - Just having a blank container is not going to help grow your brand! If you cannot add information on the package, you're going to have a hard time staying compliant. You will need space for compliance information, testing results and additional information/branding. It is extremely important the container, bag or vial has the ability for custom labels, custom printing or can be put into a custom printed box. The best packaging is easily customizable and can be done at an affordable price with a low MOQ for each SKU. Pop Tops are a great product to customize as they can easily be labeled, some can be printed and you can add a custom paper box for additional branding and legal space. We have free templates available for all of our Pop Top container and tube sizes.

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  1. Good seal to keep the product fresh - Since the majority of the products going inside the packaging have a shelf life, the container needs a tight seal that is as close to air tight as possible. Having a proper seal really makes a difference. Keeping the product fresh inside is often overlooked, but is essential for customer retention. No one wants to open a freshly bought product to find a crusty dried out product. We also recommend using our tamper evident shrink bands to make the product last even longer! Another great add is humidity packs. We also have these available. This unique technology keeps the optimal humidity levels inside the container to ensure your product has the longest shelf life. You can quickly tell the difference between a premium Pop Top container and a poor quality Pop Top based on the pop sound. If you have to use zero pressure and the container feels weak, it probably has a bad seal. We often see advertisements for Pop Top bottles that stated they are water tight, air tight and 100% odor free. This is a strong claim that we do not believe is backed up with any real data. The seal on a Pop Top is a plastic to plastic connection. It can be very close to air tight, but it is nearly impossible to obtain any sort of 100% claim. This is the exact reason we often inform our customers of the shrink bands for additional seal and humidity packs to enable the longevity they need for the product inside. 

  1. Rigid Construction - Limited Taper - This is sort of an extension of our points on customizable and CPSC certified, but it deserves a separate section. Pop Top containers are often different thicknesses. Some manufactures cut costs by using thiner walls on the Pop Top containers. This leads to a lot of issues. First, they will often crack as you need to use pressure to open the lid or cap. Also, thin walls produce a poor seal. Lastly, when you add all of this up, it usually means the container is no longer certified child resistant. The other important part to note is the limited taper and straight sides. Taper that is even is often not a huge issues if your label applicators is built around the taper. The larger issues is when Pop Top container manufactures have poorly build molds or are running the molds too fast. This often allows the container to what we call in the industry as "banana". When this occurs what should be straight, bends. The bends in the container now makes it nearly impossible to label correctly without wrinkles, bubbles and similar issues. The last overlooked part of the design and construction of the container is how the opening instructions are molded on the cap or lid of the part. Our Pop Tops do not have "raised" lettering on the cap. This is usually harder to implement, but creates a much sleeker look and can allow for label application on the top of the cap, which can be very important for branding.

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  1. Sustainability - Always the biggest elephant in the room when it comes to compliant cannabis packaging. Creating products that adhere to CPSC compliance as of right now, almost always leans towards rigid plastic. Pop Top containers fall into this category. However, some hope is on the horizon. As a company we have been pushing for more eco-friendly or sustainable packaging options that still ensure child safety. The biggest development we have made is using an additive that accelerates biodegradation. We spent years working on options and pride ourselves on making sure our customers recycle our containers or vials. However, we all know that sometimes a container is not properly disposed of, so we wanted a way for it to degrade quickly. The material additive we added dramatically reduces the degradation time of our Pop Top containers and tubes. This small adjustments makes for a dramatic improvement over the long run. Not many manufactures are willing to spend the extra to do this, but we are happy we did. If you want to learn more about our material additives, please feel free to call or email us today. We are also introducing a new line of Pop Top containers and Tubes that will utilize recycled ocean plastic. We want to provide our customers with as many eco-friendly options for our entire packaging line. 

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  1. Affordable Wholesale Price - This would not be the best option without deep wholesale pricing! Pop Top containers have to maintain a low price per unit to be a viable packaging option for the contents inside. With the current landscape of high tax rates and decreasing margins on the actual products, saving every penny on compliant packaging is becoming a necessary operation. Due to the high volume and simplicity of the container, they are often the cheapest CR or child resistant rigid compliant packaging solution. We understand that everyone is here to save money, so we offer price breaks and also try to offer the best wholesale rates on both our physical Pop Top containers and also the custom labels and application. Our entire team at Dragon Chewer is devoted to customer satisfaction. We will do everything we can to help you bundle products to save money and also work with you to obtain the best possible shipping rates. You can trust our premium Pop Top containers will exceed your quality needs and you're also getting the best wholesale price on each order. 

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  1. Large size and color selection - Every product has a different size. You will need a container to match the contents. The best Pop Tops come in a collection of sizes for all of your packaging needs. Keeping the same style container for all your products is just a cleaner option. A lot of Pop Top manufactures may only make a one or two sizes and in a limited color selection. We have a massive color and size selection. Our smallest Pop Top container starts at a 6 Dram. This container comes with an additional latch for additional child safety and is made right here in the USA! This size is perfect for a gram or small edibles. We also have a 13 dram, 19 dram, 30 dram, 60 dram, 90 dram and 160 dram. Go ahead and ask your current Pop Top supplier if they can match this size collection, I bet they cannot. We also carry a 25 dram or dr Pop Top storage container that comes with a grinder. Seriously, we have every possible size and color combination. 

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Still unsure on what the best wholesale CR child resistant custom Pop Top containers are really like? We offer free sample packs and would love the opportunity to send some to you. Once you feel and see the difference of our Pop Top containers vs your current supplier, you will understand why we care so deeply about this product line. Also, if you have an invoice and want to see if we can match or beat the price, please email it today! 

Our goal is to help you get the best wholesale complaint packaging with service that exceeds your expectations. The best containers also need the best service, so we do everything we can to offer both. Contact us now to learn more!