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What compliant containers do I need for my marijuana business?

We are often asked this question, so we figured a simple explantation would help our customers out. Marijuana regulations are still quite different from state-to-state and even from city-to-city. This has created a lot of confusion regarding the containers necessary for your legal marijuana/cannabis business. To further the confusion on this subject, these rules and regulations seem to be adjusting month-to-month for each of these regulatory bodies as they examine what is truly necessary for safe cannabis consumption and distribution. We will explain what makes a container compliant and how to make sure your business is up to par or above regulations in regards to packaging.

Lets use Colorado as an example. Colorado is by far the most advanced in regulatory framework and has the MED “Marijuana Enforcement Division”, which is a great resource for understanding what you need to do to be compliant. We recommend using Colorado as a benchmark for what other states will adopt in regards to packaging regulation. They will actually be hosting a rule making session on 8/31/17 to make addition improvements on the packaging and labeling aspect of marijuana for CO. Please click this link for more information: 2017 MED Packaging and Labeling 

So… what makes a container safe or legal for marijuana? In the simplest form possibly, child safe. All the regulating bodies are looking for containers that are going to keep children from consuming the product. At the end of the day, marijuana is a drug no matter how much we love it. It’s important that it’s consumed safely and that’s what most of these regulating bodies are looking to achieve. How are they making sure the packaging is child safe?

Most regulations require containers to be CPSC Certified child resistant. Please click this link to view the consumer product and safety commission on child safety. Basically, if a product passes these tests it’s proven to be child-resistant and senior-friendly packaging (CRP). This test is actually quite hard to pass and is quickly becoming 100% necessary for regulated marijuana states. Colorado, Oregon, and Washington are also requesting products to be reseal-ably child resistant. This means that once you open the package it needs to be able to seal again and still be child resistant.

For example. If you’re using a mylar bag with a heat sealed top that would be a single use child resistant bag. This would NOT pass in certain regulated states due to children being able to get into the bag if you only consumed some of the product inside. We have done our best to only create products with locking mechanisms that can be used over and over again to ensure we do not fall into the single use child resistant category. This is causing a lot of business to double-layer child resistant containers to keep regulators happy. A great example of a multi-use CPSC Certified child resistant container would be our DoM concentrate container or Latch Top container.

Our recommendation. Only purchase CPSC Certified products that are able to be opened over and over and remain child resistant. This will ensure that you’re compliant in all 50 states. Even if your state does not require it, it’s going to occur in time and your business will be ahead of the curve. This is very important for our industry. If all marijuana business is as professional as possible the entire industry will progress at a much higher rate. Lets do our part and make sure we help cannabis be federally legal as fast as possible!

Colorado MED Packaging and Labeling information: Click this link

Oregon OLCC Packaging and Labeling information: Click this link

Washington Liquor and Cannabis Board Packaging and Labeling information: Click this link

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