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Upgrade your Packaging – The Importance of Branding as a Marijuana Business

This would seem obvious in most brick and mortar industries, but marijuana dispensaries, manufacturers, growers, processors, labs, deliveries, co-ops, etc. are just starting to feel confident enough to start publicly showing who they are, what they do, and why they are different.

A very large amount of our industry is still very underground and will not pursue branding and marketing until legality occurs federally, but a lot of brands are starting to jump on board now to create something that will last forever. The ones that are creating an identity right now will be years ahead of the rest once the market is fully saturated.

Why is branding so important in marijuana right now? It’s simple. Marijuana is the cutting edge of “cool” and is fueled with large amounts capital due to the limited regulation. The ones that are leading the way are spending a lot of time and effort on advertising, packaging, and marketing to set a precedent and be the first to introduce themselves to a brand new market.

Look at it from this perspective. Imagine if the alcohol prohibition had a grey area where only select states or groups could consume your product, but everyone could learn about it. This would give you a huge leg up on the entire market once everyone can get involved. This is marijuana right now. The ones that understand this are doing everything they can to stand out before the market is completely saturated.

So the real question is – How do you brand yourself and create a profitable marijuana business? We indirectly deal with marijuana businesses from top to bottom. Here are a few recommendations for your startup or current marijuana business in regards to branding.


  1. Create a niche: The market is already saturated in a lot of ways. It’s important to find a product feature that sets you apart. Focus on one item and make it the best. We often see people trying to create a brand that does it all, but none of it is memorable or superior.
  2. Build an identity & brand it: Again, this is the time to start building something that people remember. Building an identity is crucial from the start. Put your brand name on everything you can. Some examples from a dispensary level:
    1. The bag that leaves your store should have your brand.
    2. The container the product is in (Pop Top Containers, Mylar Bags, etc.) should have your brand name and how to reorder.
    3. Loyalty cards are always a great way to keep yourself relevant when a consumer is looking to repurchase.
    4. Accessories such as paper holders, grinders, lighters, dab pads, and basically anything that relates to cannabis or marijuana should have your name on it.
  3. Social Media: This is the most popular medium for the consumers in this industry. If you’re not relevant on social media you’re not reaching your target demographic. From a marketing standpoint, this is the most open and useful marketing medium for the marijuana industry. However, it’s still not very friendly to our beloved marijuana plant, so make sure you’re smart when posting or your account may be flagged & deleted.


We are always trying to help the companies we work with. If you need any help with branding, have recommendations for us, or want to ask us anything- Please feel free to reply or email us at

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