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The PNP Box – Cannabis Specific Child Resistant Container

Pre rolls, Concentrates, vape cartridges, and edibles are quickly becoming the dominate choice for marijuana consumption. Flower is still going to be a staple for our industry, but we wanted to introduce a container that’s cannabis specific and child resistant that will fill the alternative products. Our PNP Box (Press N’ Pull) is the perfect solution for joints, blunts, wax, shatter, vape pens, and small edibles.

We have two sizes available:

Small PNP Box – Shop Now

Regular PNP Box – Shop Now

We created a simple unique locking mechanism that allows for easy opening, but also ensures the product remains child resistant. Another important factor is the available real estate for branding on this container. It’s a square flat box that is great for labels and wraps. We also created an insert so we can custom engrave the entire front of the product for your brand or company. This is a branding dream. Imagine your own custom colors, engrave face, and printed color information.

If you’re interested in customizing these containers, please contact us at

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