NeverDead Carta Wireless Charging Station – Complete Package


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  • Carta V Focus NeverDead Wireless Complete Package
  • 3.7" diameter base
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: NeverDead
  • Made in the USA

The Carta NeverDead Volt is the perfect way to keep your e-rig secure and charge wireless. Our base has a 3.7″ diameter which ensures your Carta e-rig will not fall over when in use or in storage. Enjoy the security of keeping that heady or stock glass upright!

The Volt was created to fix a serious problem that plagues almost all with e-rigs. Anyone who has used an e-rig even once understands how easily they can fall over at any time. The glass can easily crack or shatter with even the slightest fall. Our Volt base is a aesthetically pleasing solution to keeping your e-rig in the upright position at all times! The Gravity base is the most affordable solution to keeping your glass safe. Installation is a breeze. Simply push the E-Rig into the base and you’re done.


How to use:
1. Align your E-Rig with the VOLT BASE

2. Plug in the charger receiver into the rig

2. Press firmly down on the rig to secure proper fit

3. Enjoy the stability!

Once you have the VOLT BASE installed simply plugin our metal charging pad and place the unit on top. You're now wirelessly charging your Carta!


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