CR Pre Roll Packaging

The Press N Pull 109 MM is the most versatile multi-use solution for CR pre roll packaging. It’s the most advanced child resistant pre roll slider box. Unlike most pre roll packaging supplies; it’s certified child resistant CPSC/ISO. Click here to learn more.

Whether you’re packaging a vape cartridge, five pre rolls or small edibles; this is the solution you’re looking for. The Press N Pull is the original cr slider box and is easy to brand and label to make your packaging professional and compliant in all regulated markets.

Pre Roll Packaging Labels

The Press N Pull is made for labels. Customization is a breeze. Our pre roll case has a flat surface that allows plenty of room for your brands information, compliant text and testing results. Additionally, unlike pre roll tube / joint labels it is easy to apply labels! No extra cardboard box or sleeve necessary. Simply apply the label or direct print right on the container. Make your brand stand out in a sea of boring with a marijuana specific packaging option.

Wholesale Pre Roll Packaging

Skip the hassle and middleman. Our Press N Pull CR slider box is available right here at the lowest wholesale prices. We are able to offer the lowest prices because you’re going manufacture direct. Additionally, we hold the patent and distribute the item ourselves.

Eco-Friendly Design

Sustainability is an important topic in child resistant packaging. The Press N Pull is made with 100% recyclable materials. Additionally, it was designed with a unique honeycomb cutaway that reduces the amount of material needed, while still maintaining the same rigid structure. This is not a cheap flimsy joint or blunt tube. The Press N Pull slider box is designed specifically for marijuana packaging and compliance.

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