Press N Pull Child Resistant Containers
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Press N Pull Child Resistant Containers

We couldn’t be more excited for this product. We spent a lot of hours brainstorming and building a simple container that would be perfect for the cannabis industry. Our new Press N Pull child resistant containers are perfect for concentrates, small edibles, and pre-rolled products. The locking mechanism is an industry first and provides a high level of child safety, but is easy to open for adults and the elderly. Our small box is the perfect fit for shatter, wax, small pre rolls, and small edibles. The regular box will fit king size joints, shatter, crumble, wax, envelopes, edibles, and much more! If you have any questions about dimensions, please email us at The product pages below have the dimensions for each product.

Another crucial point we wanted to make sure this product had was high level customization. Unlike most of the “cannabis” packaging products, this was made specifically for this industry and has important aspects that fulfill the customer base specific to this industry. We created the mold to allow multiple inserts for custom engraving. Yes! We can engrave your company logo directly into the plastic and alter the colors to match your companies color scheme.

Madrone Farms Custom Cannabis Packaging - Dragon Chewer

Press N Pull Child Resistant Cannabis Box/Container

Here is an example we did for Madrone Farms:

We also ensured all the surfaces were flat and perfect for compliant labels, wraps, and other advertising mediums. As always, this product is made right here in the USA at our facility. We also make all of our products with quality 100% recyclable materials source in the USA. We will be implementing some more additions to this product, so stay tuned.

Currently two sizes available:

Small Press N’ Pull Container

Internal dimensions: 3.35″ X 1.85″ X .325″
External dimensions: 3.65″ X 2.1″ X .48″


Coming Soon

Need to know more about child resistant regulations in your state? Use the links below:




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