Custom Engraved PNP Box

We design our molds to allow for custom engraving. We can actually imprint your logo, brand name, and more directly into the plastic.

We understand the importance of branding in the cannabis industry, so we offer advanced custom engraving and specific color schemes for large wholesale orders. Please contact us today for more information.

Custom Engraving & Colors

Jeremy Griffin

Madrone Farms

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Is custom engraving right for my brand?

Custom engraving is one of the most professional ways to brand & package your cannabis or marijuana product. It will have some upfront costs, but if you’re looking to stand out this is one of the best ways.

Custom engraving will allow you to actually have a custom mold, which you can use over and over.

Because our products are CPSC certified and we work diligently to keep up with compliance, you can count on your custom engraved packaging being a long lived investment. If you plan on being in the industry over a year, we highly recommend custom engraved packaging.

Since we build and design our molds in the USA we can add engraving very quickly. Because we have years of experience with plastic injection, we can ensure your engraving has depth and will truly stand out against the competition.

I want to mold or engrave my brand & logo. How do I get started?

We recommend sending us your artwork and how you want it to look on the specific container you’re looking to engrave. The engraving process often has a lot of adjustments due to plastic being the medium. Once we have your artwork and goal, we can help you create your dream packaging. Please email us at

Can I have my own product or mold made?

Yes! We actually have a lot of projects start when individuals inquire about custom engraving.

We are a design/mold manufacturing company, so we can help you produce your own child resistant cannabis packaging container. We have patented and create a lot of unique locking mechanisms to ensure your container meets or exceed regulations. Contact us at for more information.

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