Wholesale Bulk Doob Tubes – Pre Roll Tubes

Wholesale Bulk Doob Tubes The lowest priced pre roll doob tubes? Yep we have them! Our child resistant 116 MM

OMMA THC Universal Symbol – Oklahoma Labels

OMMA THC Universal Symbol Labels Our Oklahoma OMMA THC Universal Symbol labels line has grown. We now offer three variations

The Best Pre Roll Packaging? We have answers.

The Best Pre Roll Packaging? Pre Roll Packaging for marijuana is often overlooked. It has some of the biggest brands

Wholesale Dispensary Supplies

Marijuana packaging prices often seem like a lot to navigate. Which marijuana packaging solution is the best? What is the

California Universal Symbol Cartridge Marijuana Labels

California Cartridge Marijuana Labels California marijuana label regulations require some very small items to still have the Universal Symbol. Our

Custom Printed Certified Child Resistant Mylar Bags – Made in the USA

Custom printed certified child resistant barrier mylar bags are one of the most sought after cannabis & marijuana packaging solutions.

How to open marijuana packaging?

We have all done it. Pulled out a fork, knife or tore a container to shreds trying to get the

Smart E-Rig Wireless Charging Solutions

Dragon Chewer is proudly manufacturing a new cannavience line of Smart E-rig wireless charging solutions for the Puffco, Carta and

The 90 Dram Pop Top Bottle – Still the Best Marijuana Packaging Solution?

The 90 Dram Pop Top bottle has become one of the most sought after marijuana packaging solution for a half

Caviar Tech – Tested Wholesale Ceramic Vaporizer Cartridges

Caviar Tech is the leader in ceramic vaporizer cartridges. The Caviar Tech vaporizer cartridges have passed QOA tests and come

The Best Marijuana Pre Roll Packaging?

Our whole team at Dragon Chewer was constantly asked, “what is the best marijuana pre roll packaging?” from customers. We

Oklahoma OMMA Labeling Requirements – Marijuana Warning Labels

Oklahoma OMMA Labeling Requirements Oklahoma OMMA marijuana universal symbol warning labels are now available in two two variations. The new

Marijuana Cartridge Labels – California

The ever evolving regulations of marijuana vaporizer cartridges labeling has allowed for some new cannabis labels variations. We created a

The 109 – Press N’ Pull – Pre Roll Child Resistant Slider Box – CR Pre Roll Packaging

Pre Roll Slider Box – The Press N’ Pull 109 MM Our certified child resistant Press N’ Pull has become

Strain Specific Tamper Evident Compliant Labels – Indica, Hybrid & Sativa – Now Available

Dog bone style strain specific tamper evident compliant labels at the lowest wholesale price. These labels were created to hit

Tamper Evident California Universal Symbol Compliant Labels – Now Available

Fresh off the press! Our new california tamper evident universal symbol compliant labels are for sale in our shop -

Cannabis Universal Symbol Label Resources – FREE LABEL DOWNLOADS

Cannabis & Marijuana Universal THC Warning Symbols - FREE DOWNLOADS Cannabis universal warning symbols are constantly appearing and changing. Each

Hemp Cart Card – CR Wholesale Cartridge Packaging

Vape Cartridge Packaging The Hemp Cart Card is the child resistant vape cartridge packaging solution. Our child resistant vaporizer Cart

Biodegradable Child Resistant Marijuana Packaging – Coming Soon!

We are constantly trying to build more sustainable marijuana packaging products that are child resistant and biodegradable. Our will always

Rip N’ Shred Storage Container with Grinder – The Future of Packaging

The Rip N’ Shred by Dragon Chewer is a fully compliant certified child resistant container made specifically for the marijuana

Press N’ Pull – Full Color Child Resistant Pre Roll Box – Custom Printing

We are happy to announce we are now offering our popular Press N’ Pull pre roll child resistant boxes with

New Product – GT4 – Storage Container with Grinder

The GT4 by Dragon Chewer is the latest and greatest in the world of multi functional packaging. The grinding function

Custom Marijuana Pre Roll & Cartridge Packaging – Dot Graphics

Dragon Chewer has teamed up with Dot Graphics, Southern California’s Leading source for Cannabis printing and packaging, to offer the most

The Dome – Child Resistant Concentrate Container & Seedpod

The Dome child resistant concentrate and seedpod container is an industry first. It’s perfect for moon rocks, wax, oil, seeds

Pre Roll & Concentrate Child Resistant Container

Child resistant packaging regulations are starting to be implemented in most mature markets. We have the perfect container for pre

July 2018 Colorado MED Emergency Medical Marijuana Rules – Packaging Regulations

The Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) has released more regulations. The new regulations are focused on products that distinguish themselves

International Cannabis Packaging Distribution

We are creating and solidifying agreements to have an international reach as fast as possible. We will be fulfilling orders

Why Marijuana Laboratories are Using the GrindTainer

Due to the limited regulation imposed on cultivation right now we are seeing an uproar from consumers frustrated with consuming

Custom Container Printing – Now Available

We are proud to announce we are able to do in house printing on our ShredTainers, GrindTainers, & PNP Boxes.

Vape Cartridge – Child Resistant Custom Packaging

Vape Cartridge Wholesale Packaging Looking for a professional child resistant container for your marijuana vape cartridge line? Vape cartridge packaging