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MainStem – Wholesale Marketplace for Custom & Stock Packaging

If you’re looking for a cannabis wholesale packaging distributor in Oregon or Washington, we highly recommend MainStem. They are a one stop shop for packaging, lighting, growing supplies, and more. Not only will you find the most affordable prices at MainStem, but you will also get a team of industry experts with years of knowledge. They will ensure your processing facility, grow, and dispensary are up to code and you have everything you need to be compliant.

They are partnered with Bio Track THC, RAW, Zebra, Humboldt Nutrients, Supreme Growers, etc. If they do not have what you need, they will make sure to get it.

For more information on MainStem:

  • 309 49th St NE F
    Auburn, WA 98002
  • 1.844.623.4084
  • Mon – Fri . 9.00 – 5.00

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