Compliant Marijuana Labels – Now Available

We are now offering a full line of labels for our packing products. The language reflects the most recent requirements/regulation set in place for California. States with more advanced regulation like Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Nevada will need specific labels. We can offer this service for large quantity orders, but we are not offering a generic solution for these states. Cannabis labels or stickers are quickly becoming a staple in our industry. As seed-to-sale systems grow and regulations reflects this, we will see labels or decals on all packaging products. Make sure you’re staying compliant with your dispensary, grow, delivery service, or manufacturing facility by using compliant marijuana labels.

Our medium labels are perfect for larger containers like the 30 & 60 dram Pop Top containers, GrindTainers, Press N Pull containers and more.

Click here to view our compliant label options.

We often get questions on how to “decode” the markings on marijuana labels. Our line of labels are very simple. We offer a large square box for the specific strain name and weight. Example: “Bubba Kush” (specific strain name) and “1/8th” (amount of flower product in the container). The Indica, Hybrid, and Sativa boxes can just be checked to differentiate the strain class. If you’re interested in learning more about labels and why they are important, please check out this article on the (Click here to view).


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