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California Universal Symbol – Printed Vape Cartridges

California marijuana universal symbol is now required on interior contents. This is true for 510 vape cartridges as well. We did our best to offer a solution once this occurred and released labels to fit most cartridges and all CCELL style vape cartridges. Our line of die cut and square labels quickly gained a lot traction. This is still the most affordable way to ensure you’re compliant, but a more professional solution is available. Printed California vape cartridges are now available. Click here. Our Caviar Tech line of cartridges is now available with the California symbol directly printed onto the cartridge (compliant size). This greatly reduces the labor for your brand or company. Due to the small size of the cartridge, labels are hard to apply and often do not center well. Additionally, user error can be quite high and labels do have the occasional bubble or imperfection.

Here are examples of our california universal symbol labels:

  • California Vape Cartridge Marijuana Universal Symbol Labels

    Custom Die Cut California Universal THC Symbol Labels by Dragon Chewer.

  • Die Cut – Clear – Click Here
  • Square – Clear – Click Here

Here is our new Caviar Tech cartridges with direct California universal symbol on the glass tube:

What would your customer rather have? This is a game changer for any vape cartridge brand in California. The Caviar Tech printed 510 empty vape cartridges are made with the highest quality components and available at the lowest wholesale prices. Start shopping now by click here.

Want to read more about the California laws and regulations for cartridges? Here is a copy and paste from the website:

Inner Container Labeling (§40403) – labeling requirements for the innermost product container if multiple-layers of packaging are used

Why are there requirements for the innermost product containers? The inner container labeling requirements were developed in support of the mandate in the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA) to protect public health, inform consumers and prevent unintentional use. The rationale is that if the outer packaging is discarded, the inner container holding the cannabis product itself still contains basic information.

  • Do vape cartridges need to be labeled with the universal symbol? Yes, the cartridge itself is an inner container, and it must have the universal symbol on it. The symbol can be placed on the cartridge by imprinting it, using a sticker or otherwise permanently affixing it to the cartridge. Vape cartridges often utilize the same batteries/pens used for tobacco products, and it is important to ensure consumers are aware that the cartridge contains cannabis. This labeling also identifies the cannabis product as a legally manufactured item.
  • What size and color must the universal symbol be when placed on a vape cartridge? The symbol must be black and no smaller than 0.5” x 0.5” (§40412). The symbol is available for download on the CDPH website.
  • Do the inner container labeling requirements apply to flower and flower-only pre-rolls? No these requirements apply only to manufactured products.”


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