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Canada Marijuana Packaging Regulations? Compliant Solutions

Canadian Cannabis & Marijuana Packaging Regulations

Canada marijuana packaging regulations is a hot topic. The Cannabis Act is a comprehensive outline on what is necessary for cannabis packaging in Canada. Compliant child resistant solutions for marijuana in Canada are some of the hardest to find. The strict regulations about child safety, color, size and label requirements have removed most of the options we see in the United States. Additionally, North American child resistant testing is likely the new standard that Health Canada is sticking to. This might sound like a big challenge for your cannabis business in Canada, but luckily we knew this was coming. Here is some useful information on packaging and label requirements for cannabis products in Canada (click here).

Canada Manufacture Direct Compliant Child Resistant Packaging for Cannabis

Lets lay down some foundation on why we have actual solutions for compliant cannabis packaging in Canada. We manufacture our products in Lancaster, California (USA). Our products are designed and developed in-house to meet and exceed all global requirements for child safety. Our medical grade manufacturing facility produces products for the medical, food and irrigation industries. We have deep knowledge into the manufacturing process and compliance requirements for cannabis. Additionally, we test our products to meet ISO/CPSC standards at North American testing facilities (For CPSC information click here).

Our Product Offerings

We have been developing cannabis related products for over 10 years. Our humble beginnings started with creating the first grinder with storage container (we still hold the patent and produce these items to this day!). We have seen the industry evolve and have heavily focused on what was on the horizon for the past two years. Child resistant mechanisms and niche items for cannabis specific packaging products is/was our roadmap. We have patented and developed some of the most innovative compliant packaging products available on the market today. We understand the importance of labeling, branding, wholesale packaging prices and strong child resistant mechanisms to a very deep degree. All of our packaging products had all of this in mind through each development stage. Canada marijuana packaging has never been easier. Let us guide you to real solutions for your cannabis company.

Flower Containers – The Rip N Shred Pop Top Container

The Rip N Shred has become one of most after innovative cannabis packaging solutions for flower. It’s a 25 Dram Pop Top storage container with an added latch for safety and an optional grinder. Making a proper size flower container has been on our mind for years. We hated the waste that a 30 Dram Pop Top produced for an 1/8th of flower. Our container is rigid, CPSC/ISO certified, has a straight diameter for labels and uses the least amount of materials possible to reduce the carbon footprint. Sustainability is a very real topic and we are doing what we can to help. Our Rip N Shred is 100% recyclable. Because we manufacture the product in-house we ensure a strong QC process and can offer the required colors for current Canada marijuana packaging requirements. This container has plenty of room for what has been outline for Canada label requirements.


Black Rip N’ Shred Certified Child Resistant Storage Container with Grinder

Click Here to shop the Rip N Shred line.

Pre Roll Containers – The Press N Pull CR Slider Box

This has completely changed the game for pre rolls. Our Press N Pull CR slider box is available in multiple sizes to fit your exact needs (109mm, 98mm, 89mm slim, and more to come!).This rigid container is build for compliance and labels. It’s perfect for multiple pre rolls, can easily be labeled (top, bottom and sides). Additionally, tamper evident is a breeze. A shrink wrap makes the item smell proof and keeps the contents inside fresh! Again, this is a unique patented product that is CPSC certified child resistant from a North American testing facility.


Custom Press N Pull Marijuana Packaging Solutions

The Press N Pull is the perfect compliant child resistant marijuana packaging solution.


Click here to shop the Press N Pull line.

Vape Cartridge & Edible Containers – The Press N Pull CR Slider Box

This product was built as a multipurpose product. It’s being utilized right now for small edibles (gummies, mints and much more). Additionally, it has become the solution for the most process vape cartridge packaging. Simply add a foam or paper cutout inside to offer a very professional packaging solution for your vape cartridge or concentrate/extract brand.

Custom Canadian Marijuana Packaging Solutions

One of the most important parts of what we do is our custom packaging solutions. Our firm is evolving quickly and we can help you build the right product to fit your requirements. Our manufacturing infrastructure allows us to offer an experience a packaging distributor could never replicate. Hit us with your questions and you might be surprised what we have coming to fit your packaging requirements.

Let us help you find the perfect solution for your cannabis packaging in Canada. We have a large portfolio of new items being developed to ensure we have a solution for every cannabis product sold in Canada. Ready to jump into our Canada marijuana packaging solutions? Drop us an email Lets connect.


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