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OMMA THC Universal Symbol – Oklahoma Labels

OMMA THC Universal Symbol Labels

Our Oklahoma OMMA THC Universal Symbol labels line has grown. We now offer three variations of Oklahoma OMMA universal symbol marijuana warning labels to meet omma labeling requirements. We have a custom label solution for all applications. Click here to view all of our Oklahoma label and sticker options. The first Oklahoma label designed we released was the universal symbol with compliant text (omma label requirements). Click here to view the label. The goal was to offer the most basic compliant label option at the most affordable wholesale price. However, we had to ensure it hit all the marks for omma packaging rules, omma packaging requirements and omma labeling requirements. The omma logo and label requirements didn’t cover Oklahoma edible laws, so we added another option later on. Keep reading to learn more!

1000 Oklahoma OMMA THC Universal Symbol Compliant Labels.

1,000 Cannabis OMMA Oklahoma THC Universal Symbol Labels cannabis / marijuana warning stickers compliant with SQ 788. The Oklahoma symbol and text is compliant with the current emergency rules SQ 788 (7/31/18) with Additional Approved Revisions (8/1/18 and 12/20/18), including 310:681-5-8.1(e)(5), 310:681-5-8.1(e)(6), 310:681-5-8.1(e)(7), 310:681-7-1(2), and 310:681-7-1(4).

This was great for the widest range of applications. However, we know the importance or making sure everyone has something to fit more specific needs. Shortly after this label design we released our 3X1 label that added more compliance text, strain name, weight and strain type. Click here to view this label.

1000 Oklahoma OMMA Contains THC Compliant Universal Symbol Labels.

Our labels fit all popular containers (squeeze tops, pop top bottles, glass jars, reversible cap jars, bags, and more). Premium Cannabis Strain and Identification labels. Our labels are made in the USA using quality raw materials and superior printing process. They feature a strong permanent adhesive, crisp print with current formal regulation imagery and a semi gloss finish for easy writing. Safely identify your product using our premium US made Cannabis labels. Dimensions: 3″x1″

Tamper Evident OMMA Edible Labels

We still had one application left to fill all the voids. The next label option we released was the Oklahoma tamper evident label. Click here to view this label. This custom label added a tamper evident option and also contained compliant text for testing and incase of accidental ingestion.

1000 Oklahoma OMMA Tamper Evident Universal Symbol – Contains THC Compliant Universal Symbol Labels.

This was the final solution to cover the majority of label application use cases for Oklahoma cannabis and marijuana warning labels. As you can see in the photo below, it’s perfect for child resistant containers used in marijuana packaging solutions.

1000 Oklahoma OMMA Contains THC Compliant Universal Symbol Labels.

Whether you’re a dispensary, processor or brand our labels are the perfect solution. All of our marijuana labels are always available at the lowest wholesale rates. Cannabis sticker regulations are always changing and we are always updating our labels to ensure we meet new regulations. Shop with confidence at Dragon Chewer.

Compliant cannabis universal symbol for THC in Oklahoma by Dragon Chewer. Custom compliant marijuana labels and stickers available!

Click Here to view the OMMA THC Universal Symbol Label on the website.

Click Here to view the OMMA Oklahoma Label and Packaging Requirements website.

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