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Wholesale Dispensary Supplies – The Best Option?

Wholesale Dispensary Supplies

Wholesale dispensary supplies are an important aspect of your business decisions. Marijuana packaging prices often seem like a lot to navigate. Which marijuana packaging solution is the best? What is the cheapest marijuana packaging? We get these questions almost daily. A lot of other wholesale web sites will make you “login” or “unlock” special prices to achieve a better discount. Our goal from the start was to be transparent and make ordering online a breeze for everyone. Our website provides pricing front and center for all your wholesale dispensary supplies. Additionally, we offer our customers to opt into the option to input a tax resale number to save even more.

We do our best to show all the price breaks for even largest customer on each product. You will know exactly how much you’re going to pay at each volume threshold. No need to login or get a special membership. This is the most effective way to review our prices vs the rest of the options available on the market. Our streamlined wholesale business is frictionless, which is how we are able to offer the lowest wholesale prices for dispensary packaging.

The cheapest marijuana packaging

“The cheapest marijuana packaging”. Not our favorite question to get, but we understand why it is asked. Packaging can be complicated. Each state has different compliance requirements. Additionally, the quality of the packaging and presentation often is more important then a few cent price difference. We try to offer it all. You can buy the most affordable packaging solution (Barrier Bags – click here) to elaborate direct printed custom child resistant press N Pull boxes (click here). This purely depends on the goals and needs of your packaging.

One ounce black ultra thick zipper mylar cannabis and marijuana baggies.

A prime example of paying a little more for something very unique is our Rip N’ Shred Pop Top container. Sure, you can buy a 19 or 30 Dram Pop Top for a few pennies less from vendors all over. However, most are not certified child resistant, they do not fit an 1/8th of flower and are boring. Pop Tops were not made for cannabis packaging. The Rip N’ Shred is made for marijuana packaging. The Rip N’ Shred has a detachable cap that makes the container a grinder. This feature turns your boring packaging into a first time patient gift for a couple more pennies. The amount of excitement a customer gets when they realize the packaging container also has a grinder provides a huge positive impression. Our customers have gone as far as saying they noticed an untick in customer retention just due to people wanting the grinder/container. Click here to view the Rip N Shred.

Rip N’ Shred Certified Child Resistant Storage Container with Grinder

We always recommend keeping that in mind when you’re browsing for your next dispensary packaging solution. How can I improve my brands appearance? How can I offer additional features in the products presentation? Does a slightly higher price in packaging help my brand grow? We believe these are important decisions when looking for wholesale dispensary supplies.

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