California Vape Cartridge Marijuana Universal Symbol Labels
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California Universal Symbol Cartridge Marijuana Labels

California Cartridge Marijuana Labels

California marijuana label regulations require some very small items to still have the Universal Symbol. Our new custom die cut california cannabis THC universal symbol labels are the solution to staying compliant with these difficult regulations. California cartridge marijuana labels are not all made the same. Most lack a good print or are too large for CCELL style and Caviar Tech vape cartridges.

THC Vaporizer cartridges have to be labeled, engraved or printed on. Labeling has always proved difficult due to size. The typical square and circle labels just look cheap. They would take up all the space on the clear glass (vaporizer cartridges) and just ruin the overall look of the item. Additionally, engraving and printing are often very expensive and have mixed results. However, this item is not just made for vaporizer cartridges. This is a great custom solution for paper & plastic boxes, glass jars, concentrate containers, pre roll tubes and much more. Die cut labels have a very professional look and fit on the smallest packaging containers available. California universal symbol cartridge marijuana labels work best as die cut labels.

Die cut California universal symbol labels were the only way forward in our opinion. If you’re not interested in engraving or direct print, this is the most affordable professional option.

We offer two California universal symbol identification labels. First, we have a clear back with black print. This is often best for clear items. Here is a link to the item >Click Here<

Custom Die Cut California Universal THC Symbol Labels by Dragon Chewer.

The other die cut California universal symbol features a white border die cut with black print. Here is the link to the item >Click Here<

Custom Die Cut California Universal THC Symbol Labels by Dragon Chewer.


Want to learn more about the California vape cartridge universal symbol requirements? Click Here

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