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How to open marijuana packaging?

We have all done it. Pulled out a fork, knife or tore a container to shreds trying to get the precious cargo inside. This simple question is asked a lot. New packaging solutions are coming to market quickly to sustain the new products being offered in the marijuana space. Dragon Chewer containers have opening instructions on most items, but the learning curve is often still high. Periodically we release some simple instructional videos on how to open our new products prior to release. It’s easy to forget someone new to the space may even have trouble with a Pop Top bottle. Below are some resources on how to open your marijuana or cannabis container without having to devise a master plan on cutting it into pieces.

Here is a quick video for our 109 Press N’ Pull certified pre roll packaging container:

The goal is to make each child resistant container complex enough for a child to be stopped, but easy for an adult. As you’re looking at your container you’re probably thinking we are high out of our minds. It’s basically a lock box without a key. Trust us. They are very easy and often fun to open once you do it once. You will have that “aha moment” and start enjoying the unique locking mechanism we engineered for the container.

Here is another simple video on how to open our Cart Card child resistant vaporizer cartridge packaging container:

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