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Smart E-Rig Wireless Charging Solutions

Dragon Chewer is proudly manufacturing a new cannavience line of Smart E-rig wireless charging solutions for the Puffco, Carta and Kandypens. We teamed up with NeverDead to create a full line of E-rig accessories. While we agree these are the best e-rigs available, they do have some faults. The biggest was the stability. E-Rig glass and attachments are big investments. Since these products have a small base, they have a tendency to fall over and break the expensive glass attachments. Our first implementation was a base for the Puffco Peak and Focus V Carta. We are working on a solution for the Kandypens Oura. Our elegant and aesthetically pleasing e-rig base creates a large stability increase for all of these products. We released this product as the NeverDead Gravity base. This is the most affordable solution to keep your e-rig from falling over and breaking the expensive glass on top. Additionally, it fits snug on the base of the e-rig so you never have to remove your e-rig from the base. It does not get in the way of any of the chargers or functions. Slide the e-rig on and you’re good to go. It’s that simple! Want to order the NeverDead Base? Click Here! Puffco Version – Click Here. Carta Version – Click Here

Our next goal was to wirelessly charge the e-rigs with our base. We went back to the drawing board with NeverDead and started to work on creating the ultimate e-rig accessory. We cracked the code and created the NeverDead Volt. The NeverDead Volt uses the NeverDead Base and has a wireless charging receiver built into the base of the unit. Slide in the base and plug the wireless charger into the e-rig. That is it! You’re now able to wirelessly charge the unit on a charging pad. Want to order the NeverDead Volt? Click Here! Puffco Version – Click Here. Carta Version – Click Here

These two products were groundbreaking, but we needed something to finish it all off as an all-in-one solution. Next on the drawing board was a charging pad that would fit our base and offer real estate for all your dab and wax accessories. We created the NeverDead Charging Pad. This unique product has a high output wireless charger, is constructed out of aluminum and powder coated black. The wireless charging pad is on the left side and a beveled section on the right side has space for all your dabbing products. This was the final step to make the perfect solution for dab rigs. The charging pad alone is something to marvel over. It’s one of the dopest e-rig accessories on the market today. You can now order this complete NeverDead Complete Wireless Charging Station – Click Here! Puffco Version – Click Here. Carta Version – Click Here

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