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Oklahoma OMMA Labeling Requirements – Marijuana Warning Labels

Oklahoma OMMA Labeling Requirements

Oklahoma OMMA marijuana universal symbol warning labels are now available in two two variations. The new Oklahoma 3″x1″ marijuana universal symbol warning labels has all the legal text and is very easy to read. After speaking with our customers we learned some of major questions they received regarding labels – “how to read marijuana labels” and “what is important on legal marijuana warning labels”. We implemented our new Oklahoma warning labels to help resolve some of these questions and fit the Oklahoma OMMA labeling requirements. Click here to view/buy the new Oklahoma 3″x1″ marijuana warning labels.

Marijuana Warning Labels

The marijuana label designs we use follow current regulation for each state. Also, all of our marijuana dispensary labels are custom marijuana labels for each use case. Marijuana packaging labels need to use a permanent adhesive with very specific size and text requirements. Additionally, a lot of states have implemented universal symbols, which we have researched extensively to ensure our labels meet the current regulations. If you’re interested in our Oklahoma universal symbol labels click here to view/buy now.

Compliant cannabis universal symbol for THC in Oklahoma by Dragon Chewer. Custom compliant marijuana labels and stickers available!

1000 Oklahoma OMMA Contains THC Compliant Universal Symbol Labels.

Our goal is to offer you exceptional marijuana label designs at the lowest wholesale prices. If you have specific marijuana products to label or need custom marijuana THC labels, please contact us at Our marijuana packaging labels are made in the USA using high quality material, adhesives and always feature a crisp print. Moreover, each sticker is made to last and comes on a roll for ease-of-use.

Want to learn more about the Oklahoma OMMA Labeling Requirements?  Click Here!

Tamper Evident Edible OMMA Labels

Since we created this post, we have a new label for edibles! It’s tamper evident and can be used for all compliant marijuana packaging containers. Click here to order now! We are always improving our products and ensuring we have compliant Oklahoma labels for you at the lowest wholesale prices.

1000 Oklahoma OMMA Tamper Evident Compliant Universal Symbol Labels.

1000 Oklahoma OMMA Contains THC Compliant Universal Symbol Labels.

Tamper Evident Oklahoma OMMA Labeling Requirements – Universal Symbol Labels.

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