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Marijuana Cartridge Labels – California

The ever evolving regulations of marijuana vaporizer cartridges labeling has allowed for some new cannabis labels variations. We created a California custom marijuana label that meets the size requirements for cartridges. Our .75″ clear California universal symbol marijuana labels are perfect for plastic and glass cartridges. The clear backing allows your customers to see the high quality oil inside. Here is a photo of our ceramic cartridge with our clear California THC universal symbol label applied to the glass chamber:

Ready to buy or view our california label options? Click here to view our full line of compliant marijuana labels. Looking for just this new cartridge label? Click here.

Our goal is to offer you exceptional marijuana label designs at the lowest wholesale prices. If you have specific marijuana products to label or need custom marijuana THC labels, please contact us at Our marijuana packaging labels are made in the USA using high quality material, adhesives and always feature a crisp print. Each sticker is made to last and comes on a roll for ease-of-use.

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