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Strain Specific Tamper Evident Compliant Labels – Indica, Hybrid & Sativa – Now Available

Dog bone style strain specific tamper evident compliant labels at the lowest wholesale price. These labels were created to hit two important marks. First, create a tamper evident label that adheres to all the popular packaging products like pre roll boxes, pop tops, glass jars, rip n’ shred, concentrate containers and much more. Second, we wanted to make identifying a breeze using color-coded indica, hybrid and sativa labels. Each strain label has a specific color and is labeled to show which strain it is. This makes production, processing and selling a much more organized experience from the grower all the way to the customer. Ready to buy now? Click Here! 


The label dimensions are 2.75″x.75″ with a dog bone style. Place each side of the dog bone on the cap and container with the smaller middle section in the area that will open. Once someone opens the container it will rip the center while the rest of the label remains intact. This shows the item has been tampered with and the label still adheres to the final product. Below is a photo of a correctly labeled item with a strain specific tamper evident label:


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