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Tamper Evident California Universal Symbol Compliant Labels – Now Available

Fresh off the press! Our new california tamper evident universal symbol compliant labels are for sale in our shop – CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW. We designed our tamper evident cannabis identification labels to work with the majority of current packaging like pop tops, mylar bags, glass jars, concentrate glass jars, the cart card, rip n’ shred and more! We use two universal symbols on each side incase the item is upside-down. Additionally, in the center of the label two perforated lines exist to make opening easy and cleanly show the item has been opened. Each label has compliant language to add an extra layer of security. The perforated lines has an easy-to-read “VOID IF BROKEN’ text to allow the consumer to quickly identity if the item has been tampered with.

Looking for a different california compliant roll of labels? Check out our comprehensive line of compliant marijuana labels is here: CLICK HERE. We also can customize labels to your exact need for all of our products. Contact us at to get started today.

Please see the below for regulatory information in california for marijuana and cannabis labeling:

California Cannabis Universal Symbol Labels – THC Warning Labels

Please see the links below to reference current requirements for California cannabis packaging.

We also offer these labels for the lowest wholesale price. Please click the link below to purchase now:

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