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Biodegradable Child Resistant Marijuana Packaging – Coming Soon!

We are constantly trying to build more sustainable marijuana packaging products that are child resistant and biodegradable. Our will always be pursuing the most environmentally friendly options for our products. Biodegradable PLA has become known as the leader in eco friendly materials. Using our popular Press N’ Pull container, we are able to offer the entire outer shell in this composite.

This is a dramatic reduction in the foot print of this item. Adopting this material for a high volume item was a must for our views on the current packaging landscape. Since we manufacture this item in our own facility in the United States, we can offer unique products like this without a high MOQ or long lead times. The Press N’ Pull container is a multi-purpose certified child resistant container for pre rolls, vaporizer cartridges, edibles, concentrates and much more. It was designed with branding in mind, so labels can be easily applied, it can be directly printed on and we even offer custom engraving for larger volume orders.

We are now offering labels in house. We can manufacture the container and apply labels at the same location fast. Contact us today for die lines and pricing

Our Biodegradable Press N’ Pull is still in beta testing, but we have had great results thus far. If you’re interested in being the first to receive samples or place an order please email us at

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