New Product – GT4 – Storage Container with Grinder

The GT4 by Dragon Chewer is the latest and greatest in the world of multi functional packaging. The grinding function of the GT4 is unrivaled and allows ultimate control over the consistency of the material being shredded. The GT4 is sleek, child resistant and very strong. The GT4 is proudly manufactured in the USA using medical grade polypropylene plastics, which is 100% recyclable. Whether you’re going hiking or just need a grinder at home, this product will do it all. We have had years perfecting the grinder function for our GrindTainer product line. We guarantee an amazing grind every time!

What makes the GT4 different from other grinders with storage containers?

Simply put – it has all the functions and features at the lowest possible cost. How are we able to do this? We are the original creator of the storage/grinder container. We manufacture and distribute the product, so you’re getting the best possible price. Why shouldn’t I just get a metal grinder? We are believers in progressing the cannabis industry. We strive to make all of our products child resistant to help reduce the friction and negative views on consumption/associated risks. Our container is not only child resistant, but it stores/grinds in the container at half the cost of other options. We believe this combination is hard to rival. We have spent years trying to perfect this product for you.

GT4 improvements:

• Enclosed grinding element – no mess!

• Sleek outside design

• Thick material sides

• Simple child resistant cap

• Perfect for an 1/8th of material

Patents available at dragonchewer.com/patents

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