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Custom Marijuana Pre Roll & Cartridge Packaging – Dot Graphics

Dragon Chewer has teamed up with Dot Graphics, Southern California’s Leading source for Cannabis printing and packaging, to offer the most . . .professional marijuana packaging in the industry. Dot Graphics offers the highest quality affordable custom printed cartons available for our product lines.


Dot Graphics manufactures packages to fit our Press N Pull box which is the top child proof solution for pre rolls, edibles, cartridges and concentrates. Why is this important for your marijuana business? We can offer you a fully customizable child resistant packaging solution while working with a single entity. Because our products and services are centrally located in California, you will receive unrivaled lead times and a superior customer experience.


Press N' Pull child resistant pre roll & concentrate container box by Dragon Chewer w/ Rx marijuana labels

Whether you’re a new brand or a large franchise, we have the complete and simple solution for you.  

  • Custom packaging – any shape or size
  • Standard templates available for easy art placement
  • Insert options up to 7 pre-rolls
  • Regular and raised UV, Soft Touch and other aqueous coatings
  • Metallic and process inks, embossing, foil stamping, windowing
  • Catalogs, posters, brochures
  • All manufacturing done in house.

Want to browse our blank wholesale Press N Pull product line? Click here. Ready to inquire about customization options? Send us an email. Click here.

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  1. Many companies have come out to provide Custom cannabis packaging to serve marijuana retailers. Retailers are always looking for packaging that increases the worth of their products so they buy from whatsoever is available in the market at very high rates.

  2. These boxes look so amazing and I really like your post. Thanks for sharing and keep up the amazing work.

  3. I really impressed with your post. keep it up and make posts like these.

  4. Sofia says:

    These boxes are extremely good for me. Who ever will see he/she will loved too. thanks for sharing.

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