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Custom Marijuana Pre Roll & Cartridge Packaging – Dot Graphics

Dragon Chewer has teamed up with Dot Graphics, Southern California’s Leading source for Cannabis printing and packaging, to offer the most . . .professional marijuana packaging in the industry. Dot Graphics offers the highest quality affordable custom printed cartons available for our product lines.


Dot Graphics manufactures packages to fit our Press N Pull box which is the top child proof solution for pre rolls, edibles, cartridges and concentrates. Why is this important for your marijuana business? We can offer you a fully customizable child resistant packaging solution while working with a single entity. Because our products and services are centrally located in California, you will receive unrivaled lead times and a superior customer experience.


Press N' Pull child resistant pre roll & concentrate container box by Dragon Chewer w/ Rx marijuana labels

Whether you’re a new brand or a large franchise, we have the complete and simple solution for you.  

  • Custom packaging – any shape or size
  • Standard templates available for easy art placement
  • Insert options up to 7 pre-rolls
  • Regular and raised UV, Soft Touch and other aqueous coatings
  • Metallic and process inks, embossing, foil stamping, windowing
  • Catalogs, posters, brochures
  • All manufacturing done in house.

Want to browse our blank wholesale Press N Pull product line? Click here. Ready to inquire about customization options? Send us an email. Click here.

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