Press N Pull Child Resistant Pre Roll & Concentrate Packaging by Dragon Chewer
Custom Packaging, Laws & Regulations

Pre Roll & Concentrate Child Resistant Container

Child resistant packaging regulations are starting to be implemented in most mature markets. We have the perfect container for pre rolls, concentrates, cartridges, edibles, and more. Our Press N’ Pull slider boxes are versatile packaging containers that are easy to label and brand.

Press N' Pull child resistant pre roll & concentrate container box by Dragon Chewer w/ Rx marijuana labelsThe Press N’ Pull is certified child resistant. Click here for our certification. We offer two generic sizes, so no matter the product we can accommodate it.

The box can easily be labeled due to the flat surface and small opening in the front. Also, a branded paper sleeve is a great way to make your packaging truly unique affordably.

For brands really looking to stand out we offer custom engraving at a very low one-time fee.

Press N' Pull child resistant pre roll, cartridge, edible & concentrate container box by Dragon Chewer

Resalable packaging is a requirement now for multi-serving or multi-use products. Colorado just passed regulation to ensure concentrates are packaged in a product with the same attributes as our Press N’ Pull box. Our goal is to make sure you’re always compliant by using containers that meet the strictest regulation requirements.

Take the guessing and risk out of packaging. To purchase our boxes at wholesale prices, please click here.

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