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Vape Cartridge – Child Resistant Custom Packaging

Looking for a professional child resistant container for your marijuana vape cartridge line? Vape cartridge packaging in blister packs gives the product an instant “cheap” feel, so we designed a box that can be elaborately branded to easily stand out from the competition. Nothing is worse than seeing high quality oil not sell because the packaging does not portray the contents inside. Let us upgrade your packaging with our highly customizable child resistant box! Regulation is quickly pushing for child resistant containers in all 50 states. Why not be ahead of the curve with an innovative cannabis specific child resistant container for your products?

We are now offering paper inserts for our versatile Press N’ Pull boxes. We can customize these for your specific cartridge size and customize the insert to represent your brand. Our Press N’ Pull boxes are child resistant and made specifically for the cannabis industry. If you would like to order these containers now, please click here.

Our goal is to help you create a packaging product that increases sales, meets all child resistant regulations, and is something you’re truly proud of. We designed this container to be branded from top to bottom. We can offer custom engraving on the face, custom heat wraps, custom labels, custom inserts and even custom colors!

Want to learn about regulation in your area? Please use this link (click here) to read about regulation in your state. Below is a custom engraved box we did for pre rolls. It’s also a custom color specific to the farm.

The box comes in two different sizes. Because we are the manufacturer, we can create larger or smaller molds using our patented child locking mechanism to accommodate your product. We have years of experience and have been creating cannabis specific containers since 2009. If you have any questions or want a quote, please email us or give us a call!

Press N' Pull child resistant pre roll, cartridge, edible & concentrate container box by Dragon ChewerPress N' Pull child resistant pre roll, cartridge, edible & concentrate container box by Dragon Chewer

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  1. chris says:

    One of the most fantastic packaging for hemp or vape.

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