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Why Marijuana Laboratories are Using the GrindTainer

Due to the limited regulation imposed on cultivation right now we are seeing an uproar from consumers frustrated with consuming harmful pesticides. We are slowly seeing larger cultivators using steep hill and other laboratories to test their products for any chemicals from pesticides. However, even if you’re purchasing organic or pesticide free cannabis, you’re still ingesting chemicals. Why is that? It’s simple. Your goto grinder that has been used over and over likely has a lot of residual chemicals from previous flower grinding.

To expand on this point further, you’re often mixing strains when using the same grinder over and over. We have a lot of connoisseurs purchase three GrindTainers or ShredTainers when they checkout. They usually purchase green, yellow, and purple. We followed up with them and found out it was a simple way to keep the indica, hybird, and sativas separate. They didn’t go as far as a specific grinder for each strain name, but did break it down into the main three.

A lot of laboratories are now using our Mini Grindtainer to keep product 100% separated and use a single grinder for each batch tested. They simply add 2-3 grams in the mini Grindtainer storage container and grind it when they need to test the product. Because the mini Grindtainer is so affordable, this is actually saving labs a lot of money. We are just happy to see another one of our products providing cannavenience to our customers.

If you’re an island local, make sure to use Steep Hill Hawaii. They are using our Mini GrindTainers for testing!

Also, if you have any helpful hints or recommendations, please feel free to leave a comment on our page. Thanks.

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